How your dog learns pt 1

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Your dog, like most animals in the wild, learns from trial and error. He is constantly experimenting to find out what happens. Some of the things he likes the result and continues to do them. This is how all your dog’s bad habits form, and I do mean all of them. The biting, jumping, growling, barking, bolting, and pulling on leash all stem from this process. This is also how you form good habits.

When you watch a nature show, and they show a lioness out in the Serengeti stalking an antelope, she is completely focused. She gets herself within range. Then makes her run. Where she takes off, how patient she is, how quietly she stalks, the way she freezes when the antelope lifts it’s head, are all things learned from trial and error. She is so focused because if she makes a mistake in any area she and her pride go hungry. Enter your dog. Let us say your dog is stray. He wanders into your yard and you put some food out for him. The next time he get’s hungry he visits you. He doesn’t need to see that 100 times to learn. Your house is the restaurant. When he gets hungry, he goes to the restaurant. He associates the location as the source of food though. There lies a flaw. On the next entry, I will address that flaw.

Ron Davidson

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