Cheasapeake Dog Training

If you have a high energy dog that won’t settle down, enlist the help of the Chesapeake dog training experts at The Canine Class today. Our dog training courses are designed to help any breed of dog with any temperament by teaching you tips from Virginia dog trainers and letting you watch how our Virginia dog training methods are taught in person. In fact, most dogs taking courses with Chesapeake dog trainers are walked off the leash within four to eight weeks.

The Chesapeake Virginia dog trainers at The Canine Class are fully certified and specialized to create unique, effective training programs that will domesticate even the most aggressive puppies, senior dogs and rescues.

Professional dog trainers in Chesapeake

Whether you need Chesapeake dog training for an exotic breed, a mixed breed or a mutt, we’re highly experienced handling all types of Virginia dog training scenarios. With the equipment at our outdoor training facility, we can devisedog training courses with expert dog trainers in Chesapeake to help your dog learn protection skills, agility skills and basic and advanced commands. We know how important it is for your pooch to work with Chesapeake Virginia dog trainers, so talk to our Navy-trained instructors and find out how highly recommended our courses with Chesapeake dog trainers really are.

  • Ask about The Canine Class’s at-home training program, where you can learn the best tips for Virginia dog trainers.

Make an appointment today!

Call The Canine Class today at 757-354-3644 to schedule an appointment with a caring instructor. Don’t wait until your dog is out of hand before enrolling in the most comprehensive Chesapeake dog training program around!

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