Dog Puppy Training Hampton Roads VA

Before your young pup has the chance to learn bad behaviors, come to the expert dog and puppy training at The Canine Class. We are among the best puppy schools in VA because we use the most effective methods, including positive reinforcement and clicker training. No matter what breed your new pooch is or what temperament that breed is known for, our Hampton Roads VA dog and puppy training experts can ensure he learns how to socialize properly, reducing the potential for incidents with other dogs or people.

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Our schools for doggie training in Hampton Roads offer many affordable options for any budget and any lifestyle. Whether you need premium agility training or protection training for your canine friend, our VA doggie trainers are certified and highly experienced teaching your dog — and your family — all the necessary skills.

Friendly and caring dog trainers in Hampton Roads

The Canine Class offers several different dog puppy training options you can take advantage of. For on-the-go customers who prefer to leave their puppy with our Hampton Roads dog trainers for a length of time, we offer affordable in-board training program. With this option, your pooch will learn all the skills that a puppy should know, from being house broken to learning to walk without a leash. We also offer groups schools for dog training in Hampton Roads, where you will join other pet owners for fun, relaxed and informative classes with expert Hampton Roads dog trainers. This is an ideal way to socialize your puppy with other dogs and humans. Lastly, our puppy schools in VA can come to you for a comprehensive in-home service. Our VA dog trainers will help you learn the commands to keep your puppy in line throughout the rest of his life. 

There are many more benefits to being a customer of The Canine Class as well:

• Our Hampton Roads VA puppy training service has never had a single failure in all the years we’ve operated.

• The Canine Class features skilled dog trainers in Hampton Roads that were taught by the best in the industry.

Our client Facebook group will give you access to training questions and answers at all times and our supplementary group classes allow great upkeep to reenforce your training lessons.

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