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As soon as you get your newly adopted doggie home, it’s always a good idea to put him through dog training courses. At The Canine Class, we can help train your pup so he is better behaved as he grows. As far as VA dog training goes, at The Canine Class has one of the best dog obedience courses in VA. Our trainers are certified, have years of experience, and utilize proven methods when training your puppy, senior dog or rescue of any age. 

Instead of taking a chance and giving your dog a window to dig your backyard, bark excessively at your neighbors or even chew up your furniture, come to our premier Hampton dog training facility. We offer in-board dog training in Hampton, which includes a full stay at our comprehensive campus where our expert trainers will work with your dog daily. Whether you want basic training, advanced skills or even protection training and agility practice, we can craft a unique and affordable program to fit any doggie and any budget.

Comprehensive Hampton VA obedience courses for dogs of all ages

If you prefer to attend The Canine Class’s group dog training courses, you’ll work with VA dog obedience trainers to learn the commands and techniques you need to know to keep your dog in line. This is also a great way to socialize your dog in a protected environment with other pet owners also getting dog training in Hampton. We also offer in-home VA dog training, which is an ideal choice for disabled customers, seniors and busy stay-at-home professionals or caretakers. By teaching VA dog obedience in your own home, our friendly and compassionate instructors can train your dog to provide protection for you, and even teach your pooch how to stay close without needing a leash. When you need Hampton dog training that can mesh with your busy lifestyle, The Canine Class can provide it at an affordable rate.

• Our dog obedience courses in VA are taught by instructors who have extensive training with the industry’s most well-known personalities.
• Our Hampton VA obedience courses are so successful that our trainers have never had a single failure since we started the business years ago.

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