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No matter how hostile or shy your pooch is, the Newport News dog trainers at The Canine Class can modify his unwanted behaviors quickly and effectively. Our professional doggie training service uses positive reinforcement and clicker training, along with certified and experienced doggie trainers in Newport News, to help your canine quickly learn basic commands, advanced skills and even special skills like protection and agility. 

Regardless of the age of your family dog, our Newport News dog training facility is fully equipped to ensure success. Take advantage of our in-board professional dog training in Newport News and your K-9 will enjoy comfortable accommodations while receiving daily training exercises with industry-leading experts. This is ideal for busy families, or anyone who doesn’t have time to travel between appointments for dog training in Newport News on the weekends.

Compassionate and professional Newport News doggie trainers

The Newport News dog trainers at The Canine Class also provide other no-hassle services to our customers all around Hampton Roads. If your canine needs group-based dog training in Newport News to help him socialize with other dogs and humans, join in a fun class with our knowledgeable and professional Newport News doggie trainers. Or, if you prefer to have private lessons, our doggie trainers in Newport News will travel to you for special in-home lessons. This is ideal for homebound customers who want their dog to learn protection skills in addition to basic house breaking skills, such as crate training and walking without a leash. 

The Canine Class is happy to work out a Newport News doggie training program that fits within your budget. All of our classes are fully customizable based on your dog’s needs and your requirements. 

Here are some more benefits our customers enjoy:

• The Canine Class’s professional doggie training service is so successful that we’ve never had a single failure in years of doing business.
• The instructors of our professional dog training in Newport News have learned from the best and most well-known animal behaviorists in the industry.
• Call our experts for an initial consultation in the comfort of your own home.

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The Newport News dog trainers at The Canine Class are standing by at 757-354-3644 to answer all your questions or to schedule a consultation. Call today!

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