Portsmouth Dog Training Trainers Courses

If you’re having trouble with your pet’s behavior, come to The Canine Class, your resource for Portsmouth dog training that transforms your canine from problem pet to best in show. Our dog training courses of Portsmouth VA provide caring obedience training for both new puppies just learning the ropes and stubborn adult dogs that are set in their ways. If you need Portsmouth dog trainers who know how to inspire dog obedience with kindness and love, visit The Canine Class online to learn more about our professional Portsmouth dog training courses.

Why Choose The Canine Class for Portsmouth Dog Training

At The Canine Class, your dog receives lessons from the finest dog trainers in VA. Our certified Canine Behavior and Training Specialist staff has hands on experience in general obedience and aggression management for dogs of all ages. If your pet exhibits hostility or behaves in a rebellious manner, our dog trainers of Portsmouth VA can develop customized Portsmouth dog training courses to put your pet on the path to excellent behavior. 

We enjoy teaching dogs how to be better pets.  If you love your dog and want him by your side, check out a few of our dog training courses in Portsmouth VA options.
• Private and group training 
• Basic and advanced obedience training
• House breaking 
• Portsmouth dog training courses for socialization and separation anxiety
• Home or public park courses
• Off-leash training
• Anger management by certified Portsmouth dog trainers
• Undesirable behavior resolution
• Canine protection training

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Give your dog a chance to become the pet you’ve been wanting. Call today to find out how to arrange Portsmouth dog training for your pooch.


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