Smithfield Dog Training Trainers Schools Courses

If your adopted dog consistently jumps on your guests, nips at their hands or barks excessively, call the Smithfield dog training experts at The Canine Class before that behavior gets worse. Our dog trainers in Smithfield Virginia offer several types of affordable dog training schools that will fit any budget, including in-board training, in-home training and outdoors group classes with other pet owners.

Since we build courses for a Smithfield dog based on its needs, our Virginia dog trainers will come to your home for a free initial consultation to meet the pooch and answer all your important questions.

Fun and engaging Smithfield dog training courses

The Canine Class offers several Smithfield dog training program options for Hampton Roads canine owners, regardless of the breed, age or temperament. 

First, take advantage of our in-board courses for a Smithfield dog. This option lets you leave your pup in the hands of expert Virginia dog trainers for days at a time, where we can teach our dog training school’s most thorough methods, including positive reinforcement and clicker training. 

With in-home Smithfield dog training courses, our dog trainers in Smithfield Virginia will give lessons in the privacy of your own home. We’ll help your pooch learn basic commands and crate training, as well as off-the-leash training and even protection training. 

A third option is to join a group class where Virginia dog trainers from The Canine Class instruct your dog on socialization behaviors, and to listen amid distractions. 

Here are the benefits customers of The Canine Class enjoy:

• At The Canine Class, our trainers for a Virginia dog have had zero failures since we’ve been in business.
• Our instructors have learned from the best in the industry.
• We’re able to create unique programs to fit your dog’s specific needs, as well as your strict budgetary requirements!

Teach your dog to obey today!

Call 757-354-3644 to set up an initial consultation with your dog in the comfort of your own home. A comprehensive training program with the Smithfield dog training experts at The Canine Class will turn your doggie’s bad behavior to good in no time.

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