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Having trouble with your dog’s behavior? Virginia Beach clicker training from The Canine Class out of Hampton Roads can help. Our Virginia dog training methodology is executed primarily through positive reinforcement, enabled by effective clicker training in Virginia Beach. Our trainers will use a specialized clicker to teach your pet the basic commands it needs to know. Whether you need Virginia private dog training or you want to take part in a group class, your canine will be in the care of the most comprehensive clicker dog training for Virginia Beach residents.

Whether you need puppy dog training in Virginia or you have an old dog that needs to learn new tricks, The Canine Class’s expert instructors will craft a unique plan that fits your dog’s exact needs.

Fast and effective private dog training in Virginia Beach

Our Virginia Beach clicker training works on any breed of dog. In many cases, we can offer private dog training in Virginia Beach in addition to group lessons. Group lessons are beneficial because they allow your dog to socialize in a controlled environment so he can learn how to act in public. In fact, with The Canine Class’s clicker training in Virginia Beach, your dog could be fit to go on walks without his leash in as little as a month or two. 

No matter how hostile or how timid your pooch acts toward others, our caring and compassionate dog training in Virginia will ensure he knows how to behave around humans and other dogs. At our beautiful outdoors facility in Hampton Roads, our Virginia dog training instructors will meet your animal for the first time and will help you decide on a program that’s right for both your family and your dog.

• We teach basic and advanced clicker dog training for Virginia Beach residents, as well as agility training, protection training and myriad other skill sets.
• At The Canine Class, we offer in Virginia private dog training, so your dog can learn how to behave in your own home.
• Our expert instructors are certified in the most up-to-date canine training and obedience techniques.

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Virginia Beach clicker training has worked for hundreds of dogs in the area. Call 757-354-3644 today and schedule an appointment to meet an instructor from The Canine Class.

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