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If you’re in search of one of the finest Williamsburg dog trainers in the area, look to The Canine Class. Our dog training school in Williamsburg VA is your one-stop-shop for obedience training and Williamsburg dog training courses for separation anxiety and other issues that lead to undesirable behaviors. Whether you want to help your brand new puppy learn how to behave or need help for an older dog with aggression issues, our trained and experienced dog trainers of Williamsburg VA can provide you with solutions. 

Contact The Canine Class dog training school of VA or read on to learn more about our Williamsburg VA dog training courses.

What Our Williamsburg Dog Trainers Offer

In our dog training school of Williamsburg VA, your pet receives training from certified dog trainers in the Williamsburg VA area. Backed by decades of hands on experience managing unacceptable canine behaviors, our dog trainers are skilled at developing Williamsburg dog training courses that address all types of behavioral and obedience concerns for dogs of any age. 

Persistent Puppies

Anyone who has experienced the sometimes trying first few months with a new puppy likely understands the need for expert dog training school of VA. We can teach your young pet how to obey your commands and how to refrain from indulging in undesirable habits. With our help, your new puppy can become a model of good behavior and a friend for life.

For puppies (and older dogs) our Williamsburg dog trainers provide:

• House breaking lessons
• Basic or advanced obedience training
• Resolution for behaviors like digging, chewing and barking
• Off-leash training
• Help with burgeoning separation anxiety
• A heads up on proper socialization
• Aggression management
• Customized sessions for specific needs and behaviors

Adult Angst

Some dogs have a hard time transitioning from adorable puppy to well-mannered adult. The Canine Class features Williamsburg VA dog training courses that can lead them from youth into adulthood in a way that minimizes their confusion and your impatience.  

These elements benefit dogs of any age, but may work especially well for adult dogs.

• Managing sudden separation anxiety
• Courses for aggression towards strangers or children
• Behavior training for timid or fearful dogs
• Obedience training
• Proper socialization training
• Home or public park training

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