Williamsburg Puppy Training Classes

If the daunting task of house breaking your energetic and rebellious puppy has you searching for help, the Williamsburg puppy training experts at The Canine Class are here for you. Our trainers offer several options for VA puppy training, which include group training classes in Williamsburg VA as well as in-home training for a Williamsburg puppy. Or, take advantage of our in-board puppy training classes – the no-hassle choice for busy families. All of our puppy classes in VA are affordable and sure to fit into any budget.

Williamsburg VA puppy classes for families, seniors and busy individuals 

When you prefer Williamsburg puppy training in the privacy of your own home, our VA puppy training experts will instruct you and your doggie on basic commands and other useful skills. From general house breaking and important crate training skills, training for a Williamsburg puppy is easy with The Canine Class.

If your puppy needs to be socialized in a proper setting, join our group-based Williamsburg VA puppy classes. We use positive reinforcement and clicker training in a distracting environment, as well as in one-on-one scenarios. 

Customers of The Canine Class are privy to many benefits:

• We offer a free initial consultation with our experts before you begin puppy training classes so we can answer your questions and determine what program best fits your pooch.
• Our trainers have never had a single failure in our puppy classes in VA since we began business.
• The Canine Class offers training classes in Williamsburg VA taught by experts who learned from the industry’s leading animal behaviorists.

Call for a free consultation!

Setting up Williamsburg puppy training classes is easy at The Canine Class. Call 757-354-3644 today to ensure your puppy is ready for his new life in your home!

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