Tactile Commands

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in blog |

Dogs and other animals’ communication is much more about the physical than our own. Reading body language has become a lost art. Now it seems the only person to pay attention to what other people’s bodies are telling him is Tim Roth in his tv show “Lie to Me”. This is however your dog’s primary means of communication. What you do matters much more to him than what you say. Its all about kinesics.

Businessmen and women who are expert negotiators are very atune to body language. Training your dog is just that, a negotiation. We end up having miscommunication with our animals because we talk to much, muddying the waters. Before I ever overlay a word for my dog, I shape the behaviors I want with body language or touch. This makes things very clear for the dog so he can learn very quickly. Even after shaping behaviors, the words take much longer. Be patient. The will catch on. Here is an example of a young pup learning his sit and down in this manner. Enjoy.

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